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A word from clients of Dr. Ginger Bratzel's Mastermind & Coaching Program

Exploring the possibility if coaching is right for you.

  • You know you need to make some positive changes but not quite sure what.
  • Maybe you have done Coaching before but got 'burned' and are afraid to do it again.
  • Not sure how to get your team on board with your big goals.
  • Maybe you would like to hear from other Doctors who have been through it before deciding if it's right for you.

Scroll down below and read these stories from real Doctors, who are just like you.

Meet Dr. Keith Myers

Keith Myers, DDS - Springfield, MO

Dr. Myers has a humble practice in Springfield, MO and considers himself to be a 'bread and butter practice'.  His patients are typical blue-collar, middle of America patients.

In an interview with Dr. Ginger, Keith described himself having been burned in the past by other dental consultants, and even though he knew all the systems that should be in place his biggest hang-ups were:  himself, team and practice management, and marketing.

"We had about a 30% increase in revenue in the first six months of the program.  It was a good decision because you were offering what I needed.  I’ve had a management consultant before, all the things were place but it just wasn’t clicking, it wasn’t working.  So we needed to add the marketing, Facebook, promotions, mailings, things like that.  We had not done anything like that and for me that was a really difficult step to take but we’ve accomplished that with you.  With you helping to kind of prod and push me along, and that’s what I needed."

Meet Dr. Stephanie Aldrich

Dr. Aldrich has a small practice in Akron, OH where she has been in practice for 20 years.

Stephanie will be the first to tell you she plays the martyr in running her dental practice, which was the biggest hurdle Dr. Bratzel worked to help her overcome.

“I’ve been in the Mastermind and Coaching Program for just one month.  And in the last month (my first month in the program) I’ve had one of our biggest months EVER.  My numbers went up and all I had to do was work on 3 simple things.  I got my return on investment the very first month.  Now everything else is gravy for me.”

Stephanie Aldrich, DDS - Akron, OH

Meet Dr. Marc Schwartz

Marc Schwartz, DDS - Plantation, FL

Dr. Schwartz has a beautiful practice in Plantation, Florida, near the affluent Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area of the country, where he has been in practice for 30 years.  He has a unique practice in that he not only does dentistry but does cosmetic procedures like Botox and Fillers.

“I’ve known Ginger a long time but this is the first time I’ve decided to go into her coaching program and I’m glad I did.  Anybody who is looking to improve their practice, get new patients, and enjoy the patients you already have, Ginger is the one to do it.  It’s an intimate setting and you get a lot of one on one contact.  If you want quick response to problems you have, Ginger’s the one that will help you do it.  I highly recommend to anybody who’s looking for success that we’re looking to have in our office."

Meet Dr. Dennis Yossi

Dr. Yossi will be the first to tell you he has a 'bread and butter' practice in the blue collar midwest of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  While that may be true, his practice is anything but ordinary.  Dr. Yossi's practice has blossomed into a large practice with 2 associates and a total of 22 team members.

"I have known Ginger for several years and highly respect her and her special marketing talents. She is highly respected by all of us that know her, and has a lot to offer us in growing our dental practices.

That’s one thing I have come to realize with Dr. Bratzel is that she can really help your practice grow, which our practice has done over these last [few] years.  Simply with the problem solving solutions that she can provide for us.  She can dig in deep and come up with some great solutions that will really help you out.

During my time as a coaching client I’ve seen nothing but steady growth with our practice.  This year for example we are already way above last year’s totals at this point in time, and that also includes our best month ever in March, which was $30,000 higher than any other month we’ve had previously.

One of the main things I like with this program is we get good personal time with Ginger and other Docs that come in.  We mastermind and we learn quite a few things about marketing.  I think marketing is everything when it comes to the success of your practice.  And it’s really interesting to see how Ginger can help us with all of these issues."

Dennis Yossi, DDS - Cedar Rapids, IA

Meet Dr. Roxzanne Amos

Dr. Amos tells about her experience from going from a long time associate dentist to owner.

I had no idea how to market my business or what a profit loss statement was when I first started. To market my practice I was trying to do things in the community like volunteering, I did dental presentations, would sponsor local sport teams, yellow page ads, and so much more. I never had an organized thing or a plan. I was throwing things out there and waiting to see what stuck.

Thanks to Ginger, I feel a lot more confident now that I have a plan that is mapped out for the calendar year. There are aspects that my assistant does and aspects that I do. I also feel good when I get more patients and know that they’re from all different sources.   If you need help with a marketing structure Ginger is there to help. The monthly calls we have were really helpful if we got stuck on something and Ginger was able to tell us either to keep it or get rid of it.

It’s been fun with the patients too, because you’re doing little nice things for them so it creates some excitement for them.

Results show what we have put into our practice. By working with Ginger, we were able to apply this program and increase our patience five- to six-fold.

These meetings are nice, because as we go through them someone might say something and they can be beneficial to someone else’s practice. The meetings are a great comfortable environment. Everyone is more than happy to share what they've struggled with, how they have dealt with it, and the difference that it made.

Everyone is more than happy to share what they've struggled with, how they have dealt with it, and the difference that it made."

Dennis Yossi, DDS - Cedar Rapids, IA

Meet Nancy Bilbruck

Nancy Bilbruck (Team member representing Dr. Eric Compton) - Munster, IN

Dr. Compton has a successful cosmetic dentistry practice in Munster with a large team of great employees.

"We have worked with Dr. Ginger with some other programs in the past.  But last year we became members of her Coaching Program and she really moved our practice forward.  We had a record year this past year (and in a down economy) and a large part of that is due to working with her.

She is moving our practice forward. I’m striving to put everything together and she really helped clarify.

We have increased our new patients, we are doing better and our production is moving right along with our collections.”

Meet Dr. Gegg Morrison

Gregg Morrison, DDS - Charlotte, NC

Dr. Morrison of Charlotte, NC, who has since been a member of Dr. Bratzel's private coaching program for several years, speaks on his experience working with Dr. Bratzel, including having their highest production year yet.

"I have been doing Dr. Ginger Bratzel’s program for…this is our 3rd year and we love it.  It’s always enlightening to us, we always leave with something we’ve learned new each and every time that we come.  And I have to say truthfully that this year is our highest production year since we started this program."

Meet Pam Morrison

Pam Morrison, wife of Dr. Gregg Morrison of Charlotte, NC, who along with her husband has been a long time member of Dr. Bratzel's private coaching program speaks on her specific experience from the program.  Once she choose Dr. Bratzel's, she hasn't looked back since.

"I chose Ginger from the very beginning because I wanted somebody that understood where we were coming from.  Being a dentist, she understands our problems, things we go through, and helps us tremendously.  She is able to relate with us more easily.  It’s the best environment for us, there’s no judgement, everybody here is so open and honest.  If you can’t learn from it then you’re doing something wrong, because it’s really the best thing we’ve ever done, and we’ve done a lot marketing ‘giants’ that I would not even think twice about going back to, because we are so happy here."

Pam Morrison (Wife of Dr. Gregg Morrison) - Charlotte, NC

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